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Issue #41 / September 2020

Where are they now?

Jonas Guerche is a 2018-2019 graduate of the European Master inRenewable Energy. He studied in Mines-ParisTech and followed the Ocean energy specialisation.
Jonas is currently working at EFISUN asProject Engineer doing owner engineeringand construction supervision for large PVplants in the North of France.He started as an intern and quickly climbedup the responsibility ladder by getting anemployment contract before the end of hisinternship. Now coaching 3 younger colleagues to supervise soon 3 different PV construction sites in order toreorganise his working time inside EFISUN and be able to move forward an R&D project which hestarted long ago with his brother. EFISUN is a young company specialized on solar energy. Due to strong collaborations, twoEFISUN departments have a fast growth.First department insure Engineering services, with almost 500 MWp of references, EFISUNprovides worldwide on site work and back office support from the South-East of France andLisbon.The second department is specialised in French PV market doing development and PVinstallation on roofs and carports up to 500 kWp.


Issue #27 / March 2017

Where are they now?

Yvan Guerra, EUREC Master student 2006/2007
In 2007, I followed the EUREC Master and then did the thesis in Sydney. Afterwards, I worked on CSP and PV development in Spain, France and Germany for several companies as an employee. Then, I got the opportunity to supervise several PV constructions in the UK and in Chile as a freelancer due to the solar business financial instability. In 2017, with my former intern, we started a new company in the South East of France, aiming at providing solar energy services and solutions worldwide as an independent company.
The company is called EFISUN, meaning “working on Solar solutions in an Efficient way” and our strategy is to keep our expenses low by sharing project benefits only and avoiding fix charges. Because we aim at meaningful projects and smart & social innovative solutions. Currently, we are also in contact with other EUREC alumni for moving their projects forward.
The team is now composed of Elena who is an environmental consultant, Lara who follows our solar thermal projects, Antoine who designs the projects, Maxime for supervising implementations and myself. Therefore, our range of services goes from project development to maintenance activities.

Website: https://www.efisun.fr

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