Technical solutions explained

Adopting photovoltaic panels to use the energy generated by the sun is a real advantage for the individual. For your installation to best meet your needs, it is necessary to choose the most suitable technical solution. There are three main options:

– Self-consumption

– Isolated site consumption

– Total sale


The objective is to reduce the price of electricity bills. The generation of electricity from the solar panels will allow the consumption of renewable energy in relation to the energy needs of the building. When the amount of green energy is not sufficient, electricity from the grid is used. If not, the surplus energy can be sold to the grid and generate income for the owner.

Depending on the needs, it is also possible to add batteries to allow the storage of surplus energy produced during periods of high sunlight. This stored energy is then redistributed when the building’s needs exceed the production of the photovoltaic system.

Isolated site

When the building is not connected to the electricity distribution network, we are in the case of an « isolated site ». Only the green energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is used by the house. The installation must therefore provide energy to meet the needs during the day but also at night. The installation of batteries is therefore necessary to store the electrical energy produced during the day and redistribute it at night.

Total sale

This configuration ensures an income for the owner and allows the distribution on the electrical network of the energy produced thanks to a renewable energy source. This is a possible solution when the usable roof area is large.

It is also important to understand that saving energy also means understanding our consumption and changing our habits. Contact us to discuss this.

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