Why solar energy?

At a time when climate issues are becoming increasingly important, rising temperatures and the repetition of violent climatic events are just a few examples; it is now time to remedy the situation and look at new solutions: green energy is one of them.

Solar energy is interesting for its environmental impact. It does not emit any greenhouse gases and has no impact on soil, water or wildlife. The silicon with which photovoltaic cells are produced is obtained from a naturally abundant element. The manufacture of photovoltaic collectors therefore has no geological impact.

    According to PV CYCLE, crystalline panels can reach recovery rates of 95%.

The density of its resources makes this green energy increasingly attractive. The solar energy available on earth is about 10,000 times the world’s energy needs. An area of 380 km² of photovoltaic collectors would be sufficient to cover the world’s electricity consumption.

Photovoltaic technologies are constantly being developed, resulting in increasingly efficient and durable equipment.

Photovoltaic installations, which integrate perfectly into the landscape, represent a promising solution for anyone wishing to reduce their electricity bill and become a player in the energy transition.

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